Monday, 5 September 2016

In my cage.

There are days,
brighter, mightier and full of will,
but what's my pain's mightier than the brain,
I ask, "Will my prince come for me?"

Liberation is for the weak,
the songs of past and derailment of the heart,
because in my cage,
there's space, air and I in between.

Seeking truth,
seeking peace,
seeking hope
with dreams of age.

In my cage,
I'll find me,
and in the end,
I'll be free.

I am held by a past,
screaming for the love of pain,
and the pleasure of the bleeding,
Be still my soul, there shall become a better day.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My only one.

There have been times I couldn’t bear,
And feelings so rare,
Sometimes it’s not about the heartbeat but the skipping of it,
Not about your gorgeous smile but the only love I see.

Twice or thrice I may have been Cinderella,
Now your dancing Bella,
Because of your love despite the torn collars and fading cedars,
You are my home, my delightful rest my only quest.

I wouldn’t put a number on you,
I’ll give you all my love,
All my troubles and irritations,
I’ll let you see through the fake smiles and genuine cries,
I’ll build up the torn pieces for you and make an everlasting fortress.

You’re my only one,
Brighter than the beautiful moonlight,
Fairer than any blooming flower,
Enchanting than any magic.
For you are not my number one but my only one.


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Love and pain.

I pricked on love,
Bled in passion and crimson bond,
Walked the thorny affection,
And felt the heaven’s call.

I fell and loved,
Got mad and yelled,
But I did not waver,
I let me feel.

Because love so true,
Is a reflection of crimson roses,
Beautiful and enchanting,
Yet with thorns so sharp, so real, so edgy.

I pricked on love,
I let me feel,
Because what’s love,
If it’s not real?

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

No more campus murders.

I shall not kill for Atieno,
despite her silky skin and fairy laughter,
Even if her very body is Vera's nightmare,
Her lips the sweetest wine,
And her eyes; the epitome of beauty.

No, I shall not kill for Atieno, my campus flame,
Because everyone deserves love; pure and true,
And as said God, it's patient and kind,
It neither thrives in blood patched kitchen knives,
Nor maddening screams.

Atieno, you are my love and light,
The very core of my wanting existence,
The one being whose presence delights my own,
But Atieno if you pick another and neglect me,
I will not unleash World War 3,
I will not kill for you,
I will not die for you.

For there are a million damsels,
Maybe not as elegant but at least true,
For you Atieno there will always be a scar,
But never a haunting grave.
I'll fight for your love but will not kill for it.

Atieno, I will NOT kill for you.
#stopcampusmurders #chroniclesofadeadpoet #loveroverdeath #wealldeservetolive

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

You're worth a million bucks.

I fell in love. Handsome lad, tall and definitely the one you'd drop your cone staring at. The kind of guy whose abs made me finally hit the gym. Whose charms made me stammer a couple of times. I didn't mind. Waiting in the cold, empty promises and definitely the lonely dates. He was cool and that's definitely all that mattered at the time. He made me tear my jeans and expose my belly button. I wore more make up and  arranged hair. I thought 'he makes me feel beautiful' what I didn't comprehend at the time was the fact that I was actually compromising my own happiness.

You see ladies, every time a man minds more about exposing your belly button than your smile, you've got to ask questions, raise eyebrows, well damn raise the damn roof over his head. One stale relationship that's fine we all meet jerks at some point; it's the female nature. The second one well okay my bad, but the third and so on girl wake up and smell the coffee!

You definitely dictate who you want in your life. Yes, they might have walked in right through the door into your life way past the Sahara desert to bring you the fountain of River Nile. But if he's going to treat you like the garbage everyone's dumping into the line, he has to go. Remember, just like he walked in, you can throw him out. If he walked in through the door, throw him out through the window.

Ladies, you are worth more than you'll ever know. Worth more than the marks on your skin, the crankiness of your laughter and the sores of your pain. If there's any person out there making you perceive the evil concept that you can't, don't let them. Love yourself, sometimes be a little selfish, do not let manipulative guy have their way. Laugh till your ribs hurt and just as you fall in love with you some worth it guy will do too. You are beautiful and worth more than a million bucks. Do not accept anything less. :-)

Lost Hope.

Of wretched dreams and wringing desires...

I hope the morning sun still makes you smile,
And that your laughter still makes a breeze on the tingling grass,
I hope that the music in the west makes you dance,
And the moonlight exhilarates your pores,
Maria I hope you’re happy.

I hope life has not been a cruel mother in law, but a loving father,
That you learnt the horizon is not too far neither the sky too high,
That you can be sweet at heart but tough in the head,
And that nothing is worth those silver droplets.

Maria, I hope you finally comprehended the your beauty,
And understood your blessed frame work,
I hope you adapted to love without limits, to dream, to hope.
That wherever you may be you still are,
I hope you are brave, bold and strong.

Above all my angel,
I hope you forgive me.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Heart for hire.

So love's not a game for two anymore,
And where the mind strays so does the heart prevail,
If all was in vain,
From the kisses, the texts to the walks in the rain,
Look into my eyes and let me know it's worth the pain.
My father once told me,
'son a woman ain't meant to be loved '
I thought twas just the good old grace,
Now I realise that two is just a number,
Very divisible,too bad if the one can't carry on.
Again I'm on display,
But this time it's a different kind of emotion,
Not to love, not to care,
Mine's just a heart for hire.